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Painting With Light

I became acquainted with Bill Pack’s photography through Garage Graphics where we’re both contributing artists and was immediately drawn to his unique style and the technique he calls, “painting with light”. However you want to describe his process, the results are truly stunning and unlike any other automotive art photography. Bill has curated a selected […]

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E-type thumb

End of the Run—Prints That Is

This is in the realm of “all good things must come to an end”. It doesn’t happen often, only once in the past 6 years, but several first edition print runs are coming to and end—Jaguar E-Type S1 and S2 (7 left from 100), Triumph TR3 (3 left from 100), Triumph TR4 (8 of 100), […]

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GT40 backlit display

Full-scale Gurney Signature GT40 MKIV Print

You just gotta love modern printing equipment. Back in the day, if we wanted something of any real size, it meant tiling the largest sheets of substrate we could manage to print then assemble them together to get what we wanted. Today, thanks to exponentially improved printing technology and digitization, sizes of up to 10′ […]

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