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Coming Attractions!

2019 was a pretty quiet year in terms of developing new art and was also slow for all of the ancillary stuff that support the sales—web site development, advertising, print collateral, and event attendance—so there’s some making up to do this year. Herewith, a few of the “coming attractions”.

Website—After about 4 years or so of continuous service, the current version of the SCA site isn’t just getting a face lift…it’s getting a complete overhaul—visually as well as functionally. Overall, things are going to look much cleaner and less cluttered. “Cleaner and less cluttered” also applies to the new navigation scheme that makes it much easier to move around the site without feeling lost. I’ve taken time to reorganize the cars, update the information for each available print as well as making what formats the prints are available in much clearer to understand. As of this writing, we’re in the final stages of updating all of the information and ironing out a few of the details so it looks like we’re about another two weeks away from launching the new site. It’s gonna be good!

StrongBox shipper

New Archival Print Options — With the discovery of a cost effective way to ship framed art, I’m now able to offer matted and framed options for my 12″ x 24″ archival prints. The new art shippers are super strong and, the best part, are reusable letting me keep the packaging costs to a minimum. Matted or framed prints ship via FedEx Home delivery right to your door. Sadly, this service is only available within the continental United States right now but I continue to explore international options.

Shipping Inclusive Pricing — For 2020 I’m giving including the shipping in the price of my art, a move inspired, in part, by the lack of reliability and accuracy of the available USPS, UPS, and FedEx plug-ins for the web store. Again, so far I’m only able to offer this within the continental U.S but am hopeful for an international shipping solution at some point in the future. To arrive at the new flat rate, I looked at my shipping costs over the last few years, threw out the highest and lowest numbers then averaged the rest—a sort of median modified sample. It’s not perfect but it’s really going to make checking out of the web store easy peasy.

New Printing Possibilities — Artist’s are born to experiment. It’s just part of the persona. So I’m constantly on the look out for new substrates or processes that will bring something new to my work. Two of the things I’m developing are a quasi 3D process that will allow me to raise the surface on specific parts of my brushed aluminum prints and lenticular printing which will permit the viewer to see more than one image in a single print depending on the angle they view it at. I have high hopes for both new printing styles and am excited to, potentially, bring my audience a couple of new ways to see automotive fine art. Stay tuned for more.




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