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In 1895, Renze Display was founded in Omaha, Nebraska for the sole purpose of creating floats for an annual harvest celebration every fall in the heartland. The company continued into the 1930s, building displays and hand painting signs. In 1935, Maynard Buchanan purchased Renze, and so began a history of car guys owning a company that has always focused on creating large and colorful graphics for our customers. Beginning in the late 1950s, John Buchanan pushed the company heavily into screen printing, and the 70s saw the introduction of portable displays and interior branding. In 1987, Doug Buchanan became the third generation to own Renze, and under his direction entered the world of large-format digital printing, which includes dye-sublimation fabric printing. Throughout all these years, the passion of all three generations has been collecting and enjoying fine automobiles. Today, Renze Display is celebrating that passion by introducing Garage Graphics to transform your garage, home or business.



Garage Graphics offers wall mounted, backlit, and freestanding display styles, each of which is fully customizable and includes everything you need for proper assembly including:

  • installation instructions
  • necessary hardware and hand tools for assembly
  • backlit display also include lights, low-voltage power supply, and a dimmer
  • freestanding displays include stabilization feet

Below are 3 examples to give you an idea of what a Garage Graphic will cost. Note that each project can vary and you will receive a comprehensive estimate on your scheme before they begin.

  •  6′ X 5′ — STARTING AT $800
  • 12′ X 5′— STARTING AT $1,600
  • 20′ X 5′— STARTING AT $2,400



At present, I have twenty-four illustrations available from Garage Graphics:

  • AC Cobra (2)
  • Austin-Healey (4)
  • Corvette (2)
  • Morgan Plus 4 (2)
  • Triumph TR250 (2)
  • Jaguar (12)

Each illustration may be printed up to 120′ high. TO ORDER: Please note the image number as you will need it to receive your estimate and CLICK HERE.

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If you count the Rat Fink and other Ed Roth doodles that I used as inspiration as a grade schooler in SoCal, I’ve been drawing cars for well over a half century. While a career in advertising and design eventually led me down a different creative path, I returned to illustrating full-time after I “retired” so I could reconnect with my fine art beginnings. My work has been featured on everything from catalog covers, and full-scale laser etchings, to books—including some 300 or so illustrations featured in the soon-to-be-published British Sports Car Companion (Bentley Publishers).

While I began my illustration career as a traditional pen and paper artist, these days, my analog tools have been traded in for the computer and a drawing tablet— Adobe Illustrator is my medium of choice. The results, however, are still very much “hand drawn”—due, in part, to my traditional beginnings and sense of what things should look like. “While I sometimes miss the tactile aspect that comes with pen and paper (the electronic versions are just not quite the same), there are things I can do in the electronic environment that just wouldn’t be possible on a drawing board.”  “It’s a good trade off even though the digital medium can make things that would be simple on paper, very difficult to execute in the world of electrons.”

I work out of my studio in southern Vermont where I live with my wife Paula and constant companion ‘Cooper’—a Portuguese water dog. If you happen to find yourself in my neck of the woods, the studio is always open to visitors so you’re welcome to stop by. Drop me an via e-mail or telephone call at Sports Car Art to inquire about my availability.

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