AC Cobra 289 FIA Display

“There are two kinds of sports car enthusiasts: those that describe this vehicle as the Shelby Cobra, and those that identify it as the AC Cobra. From the time that I was a young boy I was always in the latter camp. Whenever the muscle car guys crow with pride, I politely remind them that whatever the name, the Cobra is as much a British car as the Jensen Interceptor and various Allards and Bristols that also use American power, albeit with a healthy assist of a certain memorable Texas chicken farmer.”

Ken Miles was one of the most successful of the Shelby Cobra team drivers and his 98 car is legend among Cobra aficiandos. Shown here in its USRRC (United States Road Racing Championship) trim, the Sports Car Art limited edition fine art display is available in two sizes—40″ x 80″ or 60″″ x 120″—printed using in dye-sublimation in either unlit or backlit versions with or without background art.

From $830 – $2030

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Limited Edition Display Specifications

Large-scale Graphic Print:

  • Limited edition dye-sublimation print
  • Available as both backlit or unlit wall mounted displays
  • May be custom ordered as a free-standing unit
  • Sizes—40" x 80" or 60" x 120"
  • Drop ships unassembled directly from the manufacturer via UPS Ground service
  • Instructions and all assembly tools included
  • Displays ship in 10-14 working days (on average)
More Information:

Product Description

AC Cobra 289 FIA limited edition display


DCTownsend and Doug Buchanan in front of the Cunningham display

About Garage Graphics® — Doug Buchanan is a car guy (Arnolt-Bristol, Jaguar S1 coupe, and others). His father is a car guy (Morgan, Dodge Viper). His grandfather was a car guy (Voisin Demi-Berline). He’s also the third-generation owner of Renze Display, a 120 year-old exhibit and large scale digital graphics company in Omaha, Nebraska. For years, Doug has wanted to combine his love of cars and large scale graphics and it all recently came together with the addition of dye-sublimation printing equipment capable of producing images as high as 10 feet. Garage Graphics® was born! The effect of the super-sized graphics is absolutely stunning—made more so by the addition of dimmable LED backlighting—and something you just have to see to fully appreciate its impact.

25 in stock

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