Group 44 Triumph TR4A IRS-Display

Bob Tullius and his Group 44 co-drivers really tore up SCCA racing with their meticulously prepared cars. The TR3, TR4, and Spitfire were all incredibly successful race cars but nothing stands still in competition and, though among the winningest cars in SCCA history, time came to put the TR4 out to pasture, replaced with the TR4A IRS car. Despite its pedigree as a Group 44 car, the 4A did not have as successful campaign as its predecessor. Despite not winning as frequently, the TR4A was an important part of the developing Group 44 brand with many of the details we now recognize as the hallmarks of Bob’s fanatical attention to detail—the backwards 44s, rounded corners on the numbers, and the familiar white paint scheme—becoming an ingrained part of how the company represented itself.

Besides the obvious addition of independent rear suspension, the new 4A grew a forward leg on its in-house-fabricated rollbar, the stock steering wheel was replaced with a fatter, smaller diameter racing wheel, the Firestones were swapped for Goodyears (a relationship that would last through Group 44s entire run) and, if it were possible, the car became even lower. The overall effect was of a powerful, adversary that was always at the ready to tear up any and all competition. Quaker State also became a supporting sponsor and their contingency decals began appearing on the Group 44 cars.

Included in the Group 44 print series are the TR4 and  TR4A. The TR4 (Sebring), TR250, TR6, and TR8 will be available soon.

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DCTownsend and Doug Buchanan in front of the Cunningham display

About Garage Graphics® — Doug Buchanan is a car guy (Arnolt-Bristol, Jaguar S1 coupe, and others). His father is a car guy (Morgan, Dodge Viper). His grandfather was a car guy (Voisin Demi-Berline). He’s also the third-generation owner of Renze Display, a 120 year-old exhibit and large scale digital graphics company in Omaha, Nebraska. For years, Doug has wanted to combine his love of cars and large scale graphics and it all recently came together with the addition of dye-sublimation printing equipment capable of producing images as high as 10 feet. Garage Graphics® was born! The effect of the super-sized graphics is absolutely stunning—made more so by the addition of dimmable LED backlighting—and something you just have to see to fully appreciate its impact.

Garage Graphics® and the Garage Graphics logo are registered trademarks of Renze Display, Inc. and are used by permission.

25 in stock

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