Triumph TR6

One of British Leyland’s best selling cars, the TR6 was a logical extension of the TR250 (TR5) model update with the Kamm tail popular in the day. With its special wheels and iconic red line tires, the TR6 is very distinctive.

The Sports Car Art TR6 illustration comes as outfitted for the North American market with carburetters, 4-speed non-overdrive gearbox, and steel wheels. Options include:

  • Your choice of body/interior color
  • Red line tires
  • 72-spoke wire wheels
  • Panasport style wheels
  • Door or wing mounted mirrors
  • Bullet mirrors
  • Wood rim steering wheel
  • Hardtop
  • Overdrive (pre-December 1963 cars)
  • Fuel injection
  • Right hand drive

Press run – 100, From $145 – $195

14 in stock

Product Description

Triumph TR6 limited edition fine art print



14 in stock


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