PLEASE READ: In the interest of full disclosure, I’m pretty new at all of this, having started it out as something of a lark and never expecting it to grow into a business. I’ve tried to keep the web site simple and easy. That said, I ask your indulgence if things don’t go quite right with it as the site, like the business, is something of a work in progress.

SHIPPING/SPECIAL ORDERS: I try to send out in-stock decals within a day or two of confirming your PayPal receipt. If I’m out of stock on an item or you want to special order a particular size, we are both at the mercy of when my printer runs things—generally about once/week. On limited edition prints, I’m at the mercy of the printer but they generally ship 14 days from your approval of the proof.

All items are typically sent via USPS 1st Class (decals) or 2-Day Priority (prints) . If you need something quicker, you’re welcome to call me at (802) 558-9769 between 8:30AM and 4PM EST and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate your need. You can also e-mail me using the contact form (little envelope icon) at the top of the screen.

HANDLING COSTS: As a buyer, I really used to despise handling costs, thinking they were just another way to extract a few extra bucks from me. Now that I’m the guy sending stuff out, I get it. The bottom line, is takes time and, in the case of some of this, it takes materials to send things to customers. That “stuff” costs me something so I have a small handling charge on each item to cover my expense.

RETURNS: Things happen. If you have a problem with anything you’ve ordered from me, let me know. We’ll work it out.

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