Triumph Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Swallow Doretti

To compensate for declining sidecar sales, the Swallow Coachbuilding Company launched its own sports car the Doretti in 1954. The design was the concept of a coach-builder named Eric Sanders and Californian Tubing Company boss Arthur Andersen. Following a visit by Eric Sanders to California in July of 1952 both men felt that there was […]

Triumph 20TS

Another in what may eventually become a series on the concepts from which popular British sports cars of the 50s, 60s, and 70s sprang, the 20TS, unlike many show cars, was a fully operable sample when it hit the 1952 Earls Court auto show to generally mixed reviews. While the front end was well received, […]


It’s been said that the GT6 was the Spitfire that Triumph should have built from the beginning. I agree. Having evolved from a Spitfire GT design effort, the GT6 right from the start was a more refined and civilized car than the Spit and, at a rated 95bhp, with considerably more power. From the seminal […]

Triumph Spitfire MK1-1500

With the introduction of the Spitfire, Triumph returned to making the small, lithe sports cars that so defined the company before the TR6. While there’s no disputing the raw power of the TR6, there’s nothing quite as much fun as driving the wheels off a Spitfire. Light, agile, and with reasonable power, the Spitfire just […]

Triumph Stag

The Triumph Stag started as a styling experiment cut and shaped from a 1963–4 Triumph 2000 pre-production saloon, which had been styled by Michelotti, and loaned to him by Harry Webster, Director of Engineering at Triumph. Their agreement was that if Webster liked the design, Triumph could use the prototype as the basis of a new […]

Triumph TR2/TR3

This was my very first non-MG illustration and it holds a special place for me…a red on red ’61 Triumph TR3 was the car I learned to drive in. The TR2/TR3/TR3A/TR3B limited edition illustrations (I’m currently only planning to print 50) are available with my usual array of options and colors. Options include: Wire or silver steel […]

Triumph TR250/TR5

Some see the TR5/250 as the “red-headed stepchild” of the Michelotti bodied Triumphs, others see it as the TR4 that always should have been. Whichever view you share, though its production run was very limited the TR5/250 was an important car for Triumph—as the first production petrol injected car offered by British Leyland and as […]

Triumph TR4/TR4A

The Michleotti-bodied Triumph TR4 and TR4A are among the most beautiful and classic British roadsters ever built.  More than just a re-bodied TR3 (even though it shared some running gear with it’s predecessor), the new TR4 represented a new direction for Triumph motorcars—no more side screens, more creature comforts in the cabin, and, overall with its […]

Triumph TR6

One of British Leyland’s best selling cars, the TR6 was a logical extension of the TR250 (TR5) model update with the Kamm tail popular in the day. With its special wheels and iconic red line tires, the TR6 is very distinctive. The Sports Car Art TR6 illustration comes as outfitted for the North American market […]

Triumph TR7

The TR7 was and possibly still is one of the most under appreciated and undervalued British sports cars, even though it was, in fact, the best selling single model of any of the LBCs. Plagued by inconsistent manufacturing during its 6-year production (no fewer than different three builders were used, not counting several specials like […]

Triumph TR8

The TR8 was and possibly still is the ultimate expression of the Wedge. Plagued less by inconsistent manufacturing during its production and quality control issues that nearly condemned the TR7 from the outset, the TR8 earned a reputation as a solid performer although only about 2800 cars were ever built with the vast majority *about 2500) […]

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